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The Future Web3.0 Provided for Content Creators
Web3.0 could change the relationship of production in digital world, bringing rights back to content creators.
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Web3.0 has a growing popularity recently. When we talk about web3.0 idea, we talk about blockchain, token, decentralization etc. These words are very hardcore for normal people to understand what really it is, what really it can do and what it can provide to us. In other words, what are web3.0 use cases?

Well, there are some web3.0 use cases now. the most two kinds of people will be benefited from web3.0 are developers and content creators, who are actual producers on the Internet. Today we will mainly talk about content creators, discussing what bright future web3.0 can provide for content creators.

Living conditions of content creators in web2.0 world

First, we need to realize living conditions of content creators in web2.0 world. The internet services we are using now are all web2.0 apps. The typical mode of web2.0 is that an internet company provide a platform, and users produce contents on it when service provider are also responsible to provide contents in web1.0. So, it is not only internet companies but also users who create this colorful digital world together.

However, the mode of web2.0 determine that users have no power in web2.0 world although they deserve it. The power of the Internet all belong to companies who operate web2.0 internet services by taking full control of them. They could delete users’ accounts and contents, restrict their use, and limit distribute times of their contents secretly. Also, most of users create freely without any payment, while companies use their contents to make huge profit. The situation is getting much worse for some of internet companies are becoming internet magnates and monopolize the Internet, making users have no choice but to obey them.

What is web3.0

Web3.0 is going to change this unfair situation. Web3.0 “is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchains ( maybe with other technologies in the future), which incorporates concepts including decentralization and token-based economics.” from Wikipedia. What should a web3.0 app be like has various interpretations, however there are two key points which are consensuses by web3.0 developers now:

a. Decentralization

Decentralization guarantees that the web3.0 internet service cannot be controlled by any centralized organization. Smart contract is open-sourced, and once it has been published, it will operate automatically according to the logic written in the code. It is fair, transparent, and reliable, not like web2.0 apps which service programs are close-sourced.

b. Ownership of data

Data is owned by users in web3.0 service instead of service provider. It is decentralized stored, lasting forever, platform-crossed cannot be tempered. Service provider cannot utilize user’s data without user’s permission anymore.

we could easily get the conclusion from the interpretation of web3.0 that web3.0 will create a new world for content creators much better than web2.0.

The bright future web3.0 provided for content creators

Web3.0 could change the relationship of production in digital world, bringing rights back to content creators. There will be three significant changes:

a. Contents as internet assets

With web3.0, you can have your own internet assets, not just NFTs. For example, now you have a personal homepage on Facebook. It seems to be your own homepage while actually it does not really belong to you because you do not really hold your account and data. The company can change delete your contents or close your account any time at will. Also, if Facebook shutdown one day, you would lose all you cherished photos and posts. But with web3.0, you can really have your own space on the Internet just like your private garden without any control and can last forever if you like.

b. Equal relationship with service providers

In web3.0, content creators and services providers can have an equal relationship because the logic of the services are transparent to everyone which cannot be modified without noticed. So, content creators turn out to have a friendly partnership with service providers. Users and services both follow the rules written in the code to produce content, distribute content and distribute profit. The value of content creators is truly respected.

c. Token matters

With token, developers can start business with the support of community, in return people who hold token can share profit or have certain right. The tradition VCs are even not needed any more. That’s very important because users are no longer only users but investors of the services, so their appeals must be respected by services providers. Also, Artists can publish their own tokens to let their fans to invest them and share future potential profit, changing the old mode that fans can only be consumers.

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