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Web3.0 Project Use Evaluation--CyberConnect
By BigCabbige ·  

Project Introduction

CyberConnect is a web3.0 project wants to build a decentralized social graph protocol that serves Web3 social networks and the metaverse. It’s mission is to return the ownership and utilities of social graph data back to users while providing an infrastructure for all Web3 developers to integrate and build upon.

Official website: https://cyberconnect.me/

Product Use Evaluation

The CyberConnect developing team developed their own social app to attract early users to build social network. The application address is here https://app.cyberconnect.me/plaza .

you do not need to register an account here, instead you use your ETH address or ENS name as your ID in CyberConnect.

we can see that there are 383245 users and 21M connections right now on CyberConnect from the website main page. Consider that one person could have multiple ETH addresses, this figure may be a little bit inflated.

I went to vitalik.eth’s personal webpage in order to learn what I could do on Cyberconnect, and the page showed like this:

From the page we can see that it can show your past activities on Ethereum—the NFTs and POAPs you own, the DAPPs you have used and other info ,for example you Opensea account, your token transaction history rely on other DAPPs. Furthermore, you can verify your Twitter account so that you can make a connection between your web2.0 ID and web3.0 ID. You could also link your Mirror Blog here, which is a popular web3.0 concept blog website.

People can comment on your personal page and follow you, just like all social network apps do. The comments are visible to everyone. These are basically what CyberConnect provides us now.

In my opinion, CyberConnect is very primitive compared to web2.0 social network applications from a functionality perspective, which is very normal in today’s web3.0 applications. However, the idea appeals to me for the following reasons:

a. The info represented on CyberConnect is 100% real and can show a person’s fully footprints in Ethereum world. This feature is very meaningful. Imagine that now if a man tells you that he is a crypto enthusiast with years of experience in crypto investment, you just need to tell him,“talk is cheap, show me your CyberConnect account!” It is very easy to know if he is lying, which is not easy in web2.0 social apps. The Reliability of Information is very important to human social activities. With the growth of Ethereum ecosystem, the info on blockchain may have huge value and give web3.0 social network more potentials with totally different social mode and social scene from current online social network.

b. CyberConnect has the potential to become the mainstream social graph data provider in the whole web3.0 world. It is more like the Facebook in web3.0 world, but the difference is that, people could use the same social graph across various web3.0 applications since the social graph data belongs to users in web3.0. So if CyberConnect grows popular and has huge number of users in the future, other web3.0 apps may have a high possibility to simply use its social graph data. Web3.0 and web2.0 have totally different developing idea when web2.0 apps are isolated islands while web3.0 apps are open to each other. Every web3.0 DAPP focuses on one feature and make combinations with others like building blocks.

To conclude, CyberConnect is an interesting trying for web3.0 social network although it is rather simple nowadays. It has a long way to go but with bright future. CyberConnect has not published token yet, so maybe earlier users would get great rewards in the future, who knows~. By the way, please be welcome to Follow my CyberConnect account!

source: https://app.cyberconnect.me/address/0xaDF2c7A59AAfA8C700Ae5538D9b068754646774D

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