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Rss3: The prototype of Web3 personal home page
By Frederik ·  

As a content creator with critical thinking, I once imagined what the social homepage in the Web3 will look like. Now, Rss3 has a basic prototype, and it coincides with my idea. Although there are still some shortcomings as a whole, it still is an exciting product.

Address: http://rss3.bio

It is a unique personal domain website or personal homepage, just like Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the Web2, you can publish any content you want. But the difference is that, here, you can manage your content published on any platforms, and make any combination. You can also choose whether to hide or show, and only the owner can manage the content. All user interactions are happening On-chain and completely transparent, which fully demonstrates the greatest feature of the Web3: freedom.

Like most other Web3 projects, it still needs to connect and register through a blockchain wallet at the beginning. After successfully entering, you will find that the entire interface is composed of different modules, which can be edited separately, such as avatars, profiles, etc. This is no different from the personal homepages in the Web2.

The difference is that when you bind other social platform accounts, the content published by other platforms will be automatically synchronized. Of course, you can also choose to show or hide the content of certain platforms. Although the overall page layout is very web2, the content settings inside are very Web3, such as NFT, donation, footprint, etc.

Click the star icon to enter the NFT page, you can show your various personal NFTs, show your personality, hobbies, or precious collections.

Click the "Pac-Man" icon to enter the crowdfunding page. This goes to your personal donations and crowdfunding. You can record your crowdfunding records here.

There is also a "footprint" section at the bottom, where you can record a major moment in your life, an important decision you made, etc.

In general, the personal homepage of Rss3 still has most of the attributes of Web3, but it is still a “baby product” after all, and the UI design, user interaction, fluency and other aspects need improvement for sure.

Apparently, we have seen that Rss3 releases its product information and progress in Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and other communities in a timely manner, and it has accumulated a lot of popularity. If you have a strong interest in Web3, I think it’s no harm to try the Rss3.

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