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Major Difference between Web2 and Web3
By Peter Lee ·  
Peter Lee
This article talk about the major difference between web2 and web3. It has two difference, the contents belongs to us and the identity is not connected to the real identity in real world.

There’s always a buzz around technology. There are new words, new concepts and this time,Web3! What do we know about this emerging concept, and how is it different from anything that existed before? In this article, I’ll be discussing the major difference between Web2 (what existed before) and Web3(what will exist for the future).

Web2 (the version of internet most of us know today) evolved a read-only web into read/write, where there is interaction with the web. Platforms had flexibility of access, interaction and feedback. These platforms/companies provided services in exchange for your personal data. The collection of this data from its users was required by the companies to serve better content, and make us stay on their website longer. However, this had a downside as this collected data is then sold to advertisers (or even the government). We can say that Web2 is the age of targeted advertising and lack of privacy for its users. To be fair, we gave those data out so that we could make use of their cool website, but is it still fun when your collected data is being used to manipulate your decision on the website? Not so much.

Now this is where Web3, the next evolution of the internet, comes in. It utilises blockchain technology and unlike Web2 which is centralised, Web3 uses the tools of decentralization to function. In Web2 you were the product as you were browsing social networks while in Web3, it is believed that you will be the owner of your content(You will have full control of your data!). To put it in perspective, a platform can’t really stop a video form being posted. If someone uploads it and someone else in the network wants to share it, they technically download that video and then let others watch and download it as well. To expand on this, your post can’t get taken down because it won’t just be on one server but thousands of computers around the world ensuring that the blockchain social network you’re on is not attacked or censored. A disadvantage to this could be a lot of illegal and hateful things posted, but it would be in the name of freedom. This can be reduced as the users of the networks could probably decide on a system to reduce that harmful content.

Another major difference is that your digital identity in Web3 is not connected to your real world identity. This means you can do a bunch of stuffs like download a video, purchase items online and other online activities without it being traced to the real you. There is so much to learn about blockchain technology and if you want to get started as a beginner or enthusiast in Blockchain and learn how to solve problems using blockchain technology, visit Blockgames at https://blockgames.gg/.

Web3 is a new technology and it’s not going to be life-changing stuff all at once. It’ll likely be a series of ideas that grow together until centralized companies are disassembled by legislature while something decentralized replaces them. You can check out Nestcoin (https://nestcoin.com/) for simple products (that span across Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Media, Digital Art and Gaming) that make crypto accessible to everyone.

source: https://medium.com/coinmonks/major-difference-between-web2-and-web3-c7463ecd13ad

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