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GameFi: A great attempt to decentralize games
Game mode after several iterations, variety of gameplay, But most important is how we feel in our "heart," Injecting our emotions into the game will make the game have strong vitality.
By Frederik ·  

The game has become a part of our lives, or happy memories, enjoyable pastimes, tools of making money, wealth, or immortal spirit, the eternal faith, from stand-alone games to Web games, mobile games, and now GameFi. Game mode after several iterations, variety of gameplay, But most important is how we feel in our "heart," Injecting our emotions into the game will make the game have strong vitality.

GameFi has satisfied the majority of game users and led the trending base on Web3, further changing the public's "prejudice" towards games: In the virtual/digital world, playing too many games would be considered a waste of time and wasting your life, at least in the material sense, whether you decide not to play anymore, all the time you spent in the game by building weapons, building houses, and so on will not exist.

GameFi changed everything you can keep permanently; as a new type of game, the digital economy will not end when the game turns off. Also, it will be a new attempt for ownership in all players' hands, and it is GameFi stick to promise.

Based on the inherent "freedom" of games, combined with the blockchain network, GameFi perfectly integrates "Game" and "Finance," combining the fun of games with the in-game economy, which can not only help players to provide verifiable asset ownership but also establish a transaction market inside and outside the game.

In this new type of game, all in-game items can be represented as tokens on a blockchain network. Therefore, in GameFi, every weapon, every set of skin, every piece of land, etc., can be yours only. In other words, every player is both a participant and an owner, and an active user can quickly accumulate NFT of in-game currency or in-game assets. Furthermore, once acquired, you can exchange it into other cryptocurrencies or legal currencies such as the U.S. dollar in the exchange market for disposable income.

This is the unique model GameFi has created, play-to-earn; although the concept is not the latest, token incentives, smart contracts, and games are combined to create endless possibilities. With the boost of blockchain composability, users can be integrated into the game content or NFTs while playing to build a major world; its key feature is that the game developers no longer use the game content or style to create independent but can be made by players set their wisdom to start, it must be a game content is more prosperous, play more diverse world.

Console gamers, of course, may turn their back on GameFi. It's still in the early days of GameFi, and its gameplay is nowhere near as good as the well-made triple-A titles. It's primarily used in a card or nurturing games, where winning battles and completing goals are ways of collecting resources. Examples include Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, Sorare, and Gods Unchained.

In 2021, the number of players of these games will surge, which on the one hand, shows the interest of GameFi users. After all, everyone likes to play and make money, which is the "heart" we mentioned earlier. On the other hand, it shows that the charm of Web3 is gradually showing. The direct circulation of data value is a complex problem that The natural circulation of a data value cannot solve in the Web2 era. Here, blockchain has already had a good solution. In addition, the DAO model, which gathers players' power to recreate game content and obtain valuable feedback, also has a direction to explore to some extent. GameFi devolves game power and allows players to upgrade gameplay and game content by themselves, thus creating a new game world.

I have to say, this is a new attempt, and so far, the results are undeniable; the future potential is not underestimated.

However, we have noted that the current blockchain's high transaction costs and slow processing times severely impede its ability to replicate the current top desktop and console-based games. However, with the continued advancement of Web3, the upgrading and scalability experiments of blockchain networks will meet this challenge well. As a result, there will be more AAA GameFi works; we wait and see.

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